Patrick Torphy is a Sophomore Journalism Major at Emerson College in Boston.

A devout news-junkie  and aspiring journalist, he has covered various topics ranging from college  admissions counselors snooping on applicants’ social media accounts, the Heroin epidemic, to the one-year  anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings, and now the Israeli Palestinian Conflict.

He has written for the Philadelphia Inquirer and works as news producer for 88.9 WERS, a Boston public radio station.

In the future, Patrick hopes to work for a major news outlet covering stories of national and international  significance, and believes that joining ieiMedia will allow him to potentially pursue a career as a foreign  correspondent.

You can check out the stories he produced for The Jerusalem Project here.


kateKate Simmons is pursuing a degree in Journalism and Technical Communications at Colorado State University with minors in Political Science and English.

She has been the News Editor at The Rocky Mountain Collegian where she co-managed a staff of    over 20 writers through the production process of 19 stories per week. Kate is transitioning into a  position as Content Managing Editor at Collegian Central where she will oversee all the content for  the daily paper, the nightly television show and the weekly magazine. Her background also includes  experience as the Editorial Intern at the National Catholic Reporter.

Kate has been knitting since she was five and currently volunteers for women4women-  knitting4peace, a non-profit in which women all over the United States and Canada knit and  crochet items that are sent to women and children in areas of conflict.

After working with ieiMedia this summer, Kate hopes to report from Pakistan. She remains  interested in telling stories and hopes to give voice to people who remain unheard by the majority of  the world.


Abla Mounib is in her second year at Towson University in Baltimore, MD, where she studies International Relations with a minor in Ancient Mediterranean Studies.

She is originally from Morocco, Casablanca, where she graduated in Economics from the French High School of Descartes, located in Rabat.  Abla speaks French, English and Moroccan Arabic.

Cross-cultural conflicts challenge her ideals as they shape a pattern of new opinions.

Abla traveled in Europe, North America and Asia and expects to gain much wisdom from coming trips in the Middle East.

Her goal is to be introduced to vivid social issues and day-to-day realities. She believes a focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will allow her to get a better understanding of the antagonism at play. Her interests in journalism grew from analyzing varied media outlets, which along the years, started an inner- dialogue of controversy.

Being brought up in a multicultural environment, she has an idealistic stand on conflict-resolution, believing in the power of coexistence and sincere compromises.

Devin Hogadevinn is a student at the University of Denver where she is double majoring in Strategic Communication and Communication Studies with a double minor in Spanish and Business.

Devin aspires to travel and learn about different cultures around the world.

Her first experience in the Middle East was in 2011 when she traveled to Egypt during the Arab Spring. Yes, she travelled because of the revolution, to see the live conflict.  You can say she is an adventurous person.

She feels being able to experience Israel will increase her understanding of the Middle East.

Devin has traveled extensively around the  world from New Zealand to Asia to Europe to Central America.   She plans to never stay in one place and continue to grow through traveling.

Devin is entertaining the thought of moving to Central America post graduation with the goal of becoming bilingual and also to continue writing about international affairs.

nataliaNatalia Balcerzak is focusing on journalism studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

She has worked at her university’s independent paper, The Eyeopener, as a Photo Editor and is now the Communities Editor.

Among  Natalia’s  most well-received work are photos for the Canadian Screen Awards and the Toronto International Film Festival.  She has spent time as a studio photographer as well.

Through the years, Natalia has worked as a Canadian Tour Director, sold watches, has been an elementary school tutor, and a barista.

But the focus of her work now is to utilize the journalistic skills honed in the ieiMedia program to start her journey as a multi-platform story-teller.

Her ultimate goal is to live life, experience divergent cultures around the world and find happiness along the path of every road she travels.



Margaret Leigh Carmel is entering her senior year at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Broadcast Journalism with minors in International Social Justice and Middle Eastern Studies and a certificate in Global Education. She strives to be a journalist who can operate in both the print and broadcast worlds and her dream job is being a reporter, no matter where in the world that might be. Currently she is the Multimedia Editor of The Commonwealth Times at VCU and the Editor in Chief of Mesh Media, a family of four culture websites producing content about Richmond. Margaret is passionate about studying the Middle East and in-depth reporting, as well as studying literature, watching films, and music from the 1960s and 1970s.

Jacqueline Dobbins is a senior studying communication and art atIMG_1143Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. When she isn’t working as the executive editor of her school’s academic research journal, The Myriad, or as an editorial assistant at the alumni magazine, theReview, she fills her time getting fired up about women’s rights issues, spending time outdoors, making and studying art, reading book after book, and planning her next travel adventure. Her curiosity is insatiable and she’s constantly seeking to expand her knowledge about everything—from the conflicts of the Middle East to the contemporary art world and the history of society. Like most college students, she has only a vague idea about what she wants to do with her life, but knows that it will likely involve travel and a global non-profit focused on human rights advocacy. In the meantime, she’s enjoying her final year of college and all the learning—in and out of the classroom—that it entails.

10296064_10152872364821922_8318944519914385667_oAnna Ferensowicz is a freelance foreign correspondent living in Jerusalem. Her videos have been feature on Al Jazeera Plus Labs (AJ + Labs). She also works for Pacific Press Agency, and her work has been featured on GETTY Images & Associated Press Images. Her photos have been published widely across the globe in American and European media, including The New York Post, The Guardian, and Huffington Post, as well as Italian and Norwegian on-line media outlets. Anna graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate Journalism School in 2013 and holds a Master’s of Science in Journalism from Columbia as well as a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in journalism from St. Thomas University, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

portraitJuliet Goodman is from Westchester Country, New York, but attends Elon University in North Carolina. Juliet enters her second year at Elon with the decision of double majoring in communication design and applied mathematics. Communication design was inspired by four years of high school, spent largely in the photography classroom. Photography classes did not make her love the camera, but it did make her love the editing process after the pictures were taken. Juliet’s proudest achievements thus far are her spot as a finalist in the 34th Annual College & High School Photography Contest, co-sponsored by Photographer’s Forum magazine and Nikon, and her two features in the “My Hometown” project by the Lens Blog.

has been thrown out of rodeos and film sets, but has managed to make it a full two years at Western Kentucky University as a photojournalism FB_IMG_1435854759578major without any notable disciplinary incidents.  Josh has interned at such esteemed establishments as the United Stated Army Cadet Command at Fort Knox, and The Hawk Eye in Burlington, Iowa.  Josh was born at a very young age in Atlanta, Georgia.  He was then dragged kicking and screaming to Story City, Iowa, where he suffered to live out the rest of a horrendous childhood filled with misery and corn syrup.  Josh managed to avoid one life’s classic blunders, “Don’t get involved in a land war in Asia.” However, he did prove wrong the idea of “Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.”  Josh wrote this bio in the third person, because that’s how Josh rolls.

10702040_10205171598199727_2155693423771650077_n-2Emily Teague is a nineteen year-old photographer based out of Chico, California. She is a fashion and photojournalism photographer, traveler, and environmental and social activist. Being self-taught, Emily started taking pictures at sixteen, and at seventeen began breaking into the Los Angeles fashion photography scene. Her work has taken her across the United States, throughout Europe, and most recently to Israel. Emily focuses on highlighting feminine beauty and is moving in the direction of creating conceptual fashion projects. When she’s not photographing or editing, she can be found sketching upcoming photoshoot ideas, and studying the art of lighting.


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