ABOUT the Jerusalem Project

The Jerusalem Project is the product of in international reporting students who came to study and work together as part of the Institute for Education in International Media (ieiMedia) Jerusalem program.

In the summer of 2013, 2014 and 2015, the group of university  students from the United States and Canada traveled to Jerusalem to spend four
wtogether in shuk 2 (1)eeks living as foreign correspondents, covering news about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict  as well as Palestinian and Israeli culture, religion, business and history.

In the summer of 2014, while working to keep a safe distance from immediate danger, the students covered the military conflict in action.

In other years they have been able to delve into the delved into such issues as limited natural resources, and religious tensions that are part of the ongoing struggle in the region.

The course allows students the opportunity to work closely with, and learn from, veteran foreign correspondents Linda Gradstein and Ilene Prusher.

Students also work side-by-side with veteran news photographer Ricki Rosen who offers photo shooting  lessons both in the field and in the classroom.

The students  also study and gain first-hand conflict reporting experience under the guidance of ieiMedia/Jerusalem Program Director Cathy Shafran.   Shafran helps guide the students in covering the conflict  from all sides.

In addition to covering news through independent research, ieiMedia students also are invited to take part in foreign media press conferences in the region.

A series of visit at news organizations across Israel and the West Bank offer students a first hand understanding of how  events on the ground are covered by international reporters.

Lastly, job shadowing experiences  afford the students the opportunity to work side-by-side in the field with veteran international reporters covering the conflict and news of the region.

Students on a Job shadow opportunity with Jerusalem Post correspondent Tovah Lazaroff forced to hit the ground with a missile from Gaza explodes over their location in Ashkelon
Students on a Job shadow opportunity with Jerusalem Post correspondent Tovah Lazaroff, covering Gaza rockets launched at the Israeli costal town of Ashkelon

The photo essays and reports on this website are the culmination of the students’ international reporting experiences .

Our Sponsors and Friends

The Jerusalem Project would like to thank:

  • The Jerusalem Press Club, which provided generous support to our program and hosted our dinner with Ramallah-based Palestinian Journalist Mohammed Najib and Jerusalem Post Territories Reporter Tovah Lazaroff.
  • The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz,Ma’an News Agency, Associated Press, CNN, CBC, Al Jazeera America which hosted our students during the program.

About ieiMedia

ieiMedia offers media study-abroad courses and internship programs that help prepare students for the complex demands of 21st century global journalism. Our programs combine training in a range of media skills — photography, videojournalism, international reporting and writing for digital media — with hands-on practice reporting on a foreign culture. ieiMedia programs are open to English-speaking college students and recent graduates from all schools. Each media course is taught by a team of professional journalists and journalism educators.

About The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, founded in 1918 and opened officially in 1925, is Israel’s premier university as well as its leading research institution. The Hebrew University is ranked internationally among the 100 leading universities in the world and first among Israeli universities. The ieiMedia program was based at the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus.

About the Jerusalem Press Club

The Jerusalem Press Club is a unique press hub located in the heart of Jerusalem, where journalists and professionals gather to meet, network and dine with local and international thinkers, leaders and prominent pace-setters. Located at the historic Mishkenot Sha’ananim, JPC provides a home away from home for both foreign journalists residing in Israel, as well as their visiting counterparts. JPC members include journalists, diplomats, NGOs, businessmen and businesswomen, as well as journalism and communications students. All members enjoy the benefits of networking with each other and dining on the club’s veranda with breathtaking views of the Old City of Jerusalem. For more information about next year’s ieiMedia programs go to ieiMedia.com.


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